social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies is adding a new dimension to emerging business models. However, to fully maximize their value, organizations have to consider the sum is greater than its parts.The framework for the Future Enterprise is called SMAC – social, mobile, analytics and cloud on one integrated set, where each function enables another to maximize their effect. This is the new enterprise model delivering an organization that is more connective, collaborative, real-time and productive.


More than ever the internal and external of Social are causing brands and consumers to act more in concert and at the same time, swaying one another more and more to determine the right course of action.The single most misunderstood element of SMAC is Social. As there are two major elements of Social- external and internal – there is a generally misconception about both sides.

The simple aspect of the internal nature of Social, is to say that we are social by way of constant collaboration with our coworkers, with our customers, with our business partners etc. There exists a large chasm between free flow information found in daily messaging and emailing clients as compared to the highly detailed and highly structured data held in formulated software.

As for the external element of social, we have to look at how a brand, how a product, how a solution etc. is being received and talked about on the open market. With social media connected networks like Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook, Reddit and Digg, consumers now, more than ever, have a much larger and integral role in diversifying the marketplace.


The internal and external elements of Social also apply to Mobile. The internal mobile details of SMAC include integration with older enterprise software services, lockdown security mechanisms, the security of logging in and logging out of a device. They are all perfect categories where the hard to breach integration obstacles have been breached giving way to increased collaboration and increase diversity of the SMAC connected network.The simple part of this is companies, small mom and pops to enterprise level companies, need to allow their connected users to access both external and internal so they can contribute to the network in question. Via growing trends like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) workers and workplaces are becoming more and more dependent upon these mobile connected networks and are showing us how, as a economy, we are slowly and surely moving closer to the promise of the original Internet.

SGB has relevant experience in designing, implementing global consumer-facing, employee-enabling mobile computing strategies, architectures and associated application design and development. Having extended our expertise to building features on the iOS platform, building online stores, payment platforms using android, enabling employee technical training platform using hybrid technology, we have been engaged to train, mentor and facilitate mobile adaptation.

We have been involved in helping government agencies to adopt mobile technology, build award winning applications that increase productivity, enhance visibility of the agencies as well as save valuable time for the consumers.


To keep up with the explosion in Big Data, companies and corporations are beginning to invest in BI projects. BI projects, also known as Data Warehouse Business Intelligence, while starting to show some positive financial aspects, are projects which demand companies show flexibility to fully meet the shifting aspects of the Big Data movement. The simple way to say this is, companies need to keep their options open.Although there is a current backlash to the Big Data movement the major sticking point of Big Data analytics is the ability of data machines and data experts to root through an ever-expanding diversified swath of information accurately to the use that information for informed decisions on product and market share.

Experts at our Center of Excellence are Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Data Custodians capable of working through streams of data – static and dynamic to provide meaningful actionable outcomes.


The Cloud. The Cloud is a common term now used services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) and apps available to the public by tapping into solutions stored on a server the world away. Essentially, the Internet as a whole has been developed and currently shows the potential to be a gargantuan Cloud infrastructure.

Organizations have had Cloud concerns, data security, data redundancy, fail safe Cloud storage and scalability are proving to be the largest concern of corporate executives thinking about converting to Cloud solutions. And yet, at the same time, without the Cloud as it currently exists, social media, mobile functionality and real time collaboration from the world away could not function.

Having partnerships in place with leaders like Oracle, EMC, we have been among the few organizations that have taken up the challenge to work with our clients and enable their SMAC vison to be realized.